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The Clink Pit
Cwmllynfell Colliery 

Miners who were killed - In the Clink Cwmllynfell Colliery.

1] Edwards, R., 30 Oct 1872, aged 15, Collier, killed by fall of coal.

2] Harris, William, 23 Jul 1914, aged 34, Hitcher, He appears to have been carried up 5 or 6 yards by the ascending cage and crushed between it and the woodwork. It is thought the automatic catch, for holding trams in cage, failed to act, and in trying to right it before the cage went away, and after he had given the signal, he was carried up.

3] Jenkins, Edward, 16 Jan 1859, aged 34, Pumpman, Fell part way down pumping shaft.

4] Jones, Jonah, 16 Apr 1868, aged 13, Labourer, Killed by trams on engine plane.

5] Jones, R., 19 Jan 1869, aged 13, Collier, Killed by trams.

6] Lodwick, Thomas, 31 Aug 1854, aged 50, Collier, Crushed between platform and side of pit.

7] Morgan, Bertie, 31 Aug 1914, aged 15, Collier's Helper, Fall of roof near working place. Two other persons were injured.

8] Powell, Evan, 27 Jun 1853, Collier, Fall of roof.

9] Rees, Thomas, 12 Nov 1909, aged 45, Assistant pitman, in a shaft; while engaged in releasing pulley-block ropes which had been used in lowering a steam pump from the surface to shaft bottom, the deceased was in a bowk disentangling a rope from the water column, when the rope due to its weight was drawn over the pulley at the top, and fell down the shaft. Rees either fell off the bowk in the jerk when the rope flew upwards, or when the rope fell down the shaft. The deceased fell 50 yards and was killed.

10] Rowlands, Lewis, 23 Nov 1869, aged 48, Collier, Killed by a fall of coal.

11] Williams, Isaac, 13 May 1865, aged 19, Collier, fell from carriage whilst assisting pit carpenter to repair shaft.

12] Williams, John, 23 Mar 1912, (accident: 31 Jan 1912), aged 55, Fireman, he slightly injured his knee by falling on some surface rails. He died from septic poisoning and heart failure on March 23rd, 1912.

13] Williams, T. J., 03 Dec 1873, aged 28, Collier, killed by fall of roof.