Cwmllynfell and Ystradowen Coal Mining Heritage Trust

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The Clink Pit
Cwmllynfell Colliery 

Constitution for the:
‘Cwmllynfell and Ystradowen Coal Mining Heritage Trust’.


Observer: T. Addey.

As adopted on the 05th of January 2022.

Volunteers present: M. Allen. T. Paynter.  S. Turner. P. Turner. M. Saunders. L. Saunders. V. Croft. C. Evers. J. Turner. 

1. Organisation name: 
The Organisation shall be called ‘Cwmllynfell and Ystradowen Coal Mining Heritage Trust’.
Hereafter known as the ‘Trust’.

2. Administration

Subject to the matters set out below the ‘Society’ and its property shall be administered and managed in accordance with this constitution, by the members of the Management Committee, constituted by clause 5 of this constitution

3. Aims and Objectives: 

3.1 - The aims and objectives of the ‘Trust’ will be to: 
3.1a - Build a miners memorial garden. 
3.1b - Encourage the communities to become volunteer members. 

4. Finance and Accounts 

All monies will be banked in an account held in the name of the ‘Trust’. 
The accounts will be kept by the Treasurer and audited annually. 
The financial year of the ‘Society’ will start on the 5th of Jan, end on the 4th of Jan, the following year. 
Any cheques drawn against ‘Society’ funds will be signed by at least two authorised signatories. 
Should the ‘Society’ be no longer viable, and the accounts need to be wound up then any residual funds, after all creditors have been satisfied, shall be donated to a ‘Society’ or ‘Organisation’ with similar aims and objectives. 

5. Running of the ‘Trust’. 

The ‘Society’ will be run by a ‘Managing Committee’ consisting of the: 
1] Chairman 
2] Treasurer 
3] Secretary 
4] (any other relevant position or volunteer) 

6. Membership 

Membership shall consist of: 
Volunteers who agree to abide by all the ‘Trust's policies and procedures. 
All volunteers will be subject to the constitution and codes of conduct adopted by the ‘Trust’. 

7. AGM (Annual General Meeting) 

The Annual General Meeting will be held in January. At least twenty-one days’ notice will be given to members. 
The Agenda will include: 
1] A report from the committee 
2] Treasurer’s report and the year’s accounts 
3] Resignation of the current committee 
4] Election of the committee for the coming year 
5] Election of other relevant positions to the role and purpose of the ‘Trust’
All members have the right to vote at the AGM. 
Members have the right to call for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). It shall be held at the request of at least 25% of members. 
Notice for an EGM will be the same as for an AGM. 

 8. Constitution Changes 
This Constitution can only be changed by a majority vote at an AGM or an EGM.

 This constitution was adopted on the date mentioned above by the volunteers present & whose signatures appear at the bottom of this document.

1] Chairman:
Signed by: ……………………. Name: …Martin Saunders. Dated: 05.01.2022.

2] Treasurer:
Signed by: ……………………. Name: …Tony Paynter. Dated: 05.01.2022.

 3] Secretary:
Signed by: ……………………. Name: …Phil Turner.  Dated: 05.01.2022.